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Graduate Students
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All phone numbers are area code (510), prefix either 642 or 643, unless otherwise noted.
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Last name, First name Office Phone Department Status  
Aanei, Ioana NL Chemistry Graduate Student
Abolins, Brendan 643-7885 Chemistry Graduate Student
Ackerman, Cheri NL Chemistry Graduate Student
Ackerman, Cheri 643-4160 Chemistry Graduate Student
Ackerman, Joerg 3-1343 Chemistry Visiting Scholar
Ad, Omer 642.8546 Chemistry Graduate Student
Adlen, Joel 510 643-1557 Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Staff
Agarwal, Paresh 643-2223 Chemistry Graduate Student
Aguirrezabal-Telleria, Iker 3-7227 Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Post-Doc
AkhavanAbolachian, Ali 408.215.8504 Chemistry Visiting Scholar
Akinlabi, Sarah 301.346.2056 Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Graduate Student
Al Gharagooli, Huda 510.423.2816 Chemistry Visiting Student Reseacher
Alayoglu, Selim 486-5600 Chemistry Post-Doc
Albaugh, Alex 717 Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Graduate Student
Alder, Bernie 642-3674 Chemistry Professor Emeritus
Alesandrini, Carlo 643-0568 Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Lecturer
Alexander, Keith 642-4526 Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Professor
Alexander, Lisa 6-2759 Chemistry Graduate Student
Alexander, Yeh 925.818.3312 Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Graduate Student
Alivisatos, Paul 486-5111 Chemistry Professor
Alper, John 643-3489 Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Graduate Student
Alshammari, Ahmad 510.690.5089 Chemistry Visiting Scholar
Altamimi, Rashid NL Chemistry Visiting Scholar
Altamirano, Carlet 642-1533 Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Staff
Altman, Alison 642-2516 Chemistry Graduate Student
Altvater, Florian NL Chemistry Graduate Student
Alvarez, Alyson 643-5720 Chemistry Staff
Alzakhem, Nicola 642.5589 Chemistry Post-Doc
An, Kwangjin 486-5600 Chemistry Post-Doc
Andersen, Richard 642-4452 Chemistry Professor
Andersen, Ulla 666-3633 College Staff
Anderson, Alexei 642-5231 College Staff
Anderson, Carly 643-7130 Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Graduate Student
Andreana, Rosnik 2-5884 Chemistry Graduate Student
Andres, Lissette 643-2223 Chemistry Post-Doc
Appel, Mason 5106432223 Chemistry Graduate Student
Arab, George 510-643-3049 Chemistry Post-Doc
Arevalo, Ana 642-6892 Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Post-Doc
Arlow, Sophie 642-2069 Chemistry Graduate Student
Armstrong, Laura 925-726-8270 Chemistry Graduate Student
Arnold, John 643-5181 Chemistry Professor
Arnold, Polly 510.643.5555 Chemistry Professor
Aron, Allegra (650) 867-1534 Chemistry Graduate Student
Asano, Rumi 495-2624 Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Staff
Asensio, Michael 643-5185 Chemistry Graduate Student
Atreya, Meera 4156238585 Chemistry Graduate Student
Attar, Andrew 642-9901 Chemistry Graduate Student
Aubrey, Michael 643-3832 Chemistry Graduate Student
Augst, Andrew NL Chemistry Staff
Avalos, Claudia 642-2094 Chemistry Graduate Student
Avelino, Asia 643-0895 Chemistry Staff
Axelson, Jordan 643-3832 Chemistry Graduate Student
Azam, Anum 643-5185 Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Graduate Student
Azar, Richard 643-4305 Chemistry Graduate Student
Azar-Nouche, Laurent 510.646.3187 Chemistry Post-Doc