Office of the Chair, CBE

The phone area code is (510) unless otherwise indicated.
Reimer, Jeffrey A.
Department Chair
201 Gilman Hall  643-3951 
Balsara, Nitash P.
Vice Chair for Graduate Education
201C Gilman Hall  642-8973 
Eastman, Kim
Chief Administrative Officer
201A Gilman Hall  642-0979 
Acosta, Iris
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
402 Latimer Hall  642-1387 
Altamirano, Carlet
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
201G Gilman Hall  642-1533 
Eagan, Jamie
Academic Personnel Analyst
201B Gilman Hall  642-9633 
Kelkile, Esayas
R & D Engineer
111 Gilman Hall  643-5478