Office of the Chair, Chemistry

The phone area code is (510) unless otherwise indicated.
Wemmer, David
Department Chair
419 Latimer Hall  643-9057 
Boering, Kristie
Vice Chair of Physical Grad Program
BG03 Giauque Hall  642-3472 
Chang, Christopher
Vice Chair of Biological Grad Program
532A Latimer Hall  642-4704 
Sarpong, Richmond
Vice Chair of Synthetic Grad Program
841A Latimer Hall  643-6312 
Williams, Evan
Vice Chair of Instruction
B42 Hildebrand  643-7161 
Silvers, Leslie
Management Services Officer
419B Latimer Hall  643-9058 
Baranger, Anne
Director of Undergraduate Chemistry
213 Lewis Hall  642-0336 
Adlen, Joel
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
419F Latimer Hall  510642-5884 
Keithlin, Lynn
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
419 Latimer Hall  643-0571 
Nakashima, Lauren
Academic Personnel Specialist
419G Latimer Hall  642-4032 
Gray, Deborah
Seminar Coordinator
419 Latimer Hall  643-0572 
Ricks, Sara
Administrative Assistant
221 Hildebrand  6433944 
Arunachalam, Easun
Gilman Hall  642-9683 
De Mesa, Chona
419 Latimer Hall  643-0571 
Denis, Maxinne
525 Latimer Hall  3-9906 
Dinh, Annie
Human Resources Generalist 
Huang, Jianmei
315 Hildebrand 
Lau, Jason
121 Lewis Hall  6268271593 
Sibucao, Kevin
121 Lewis Hall  65603530194 
Tang, Lucio
D83 Hildebrand 
Yang, Andrew
D45 Hildebrand 
Zhang, Jingtuo