College Personnel

The phone area code is (510) unless otherwise indicated.

Academic Administration    

DEAN'S OFFICE     420 Latimer Hall       
Clark, Douglas S.
College Dean
420 Latimer Hall  642-5060 
Francis, Matthew
Executive Associate Dean
420 Latimer Hall  643-9915 
Unterberg, Geralyn
Dean's Analyst, Academic Personnel
420 Latimer Hall  643-0472 
Balolong, Christine
Executive Assistant to the Dean
420E Latimer Hall  664-4624 
Kaeo, Doris
Administrative Assistant
420 Latimer Hall  642-5060 
UNDERGRADUATE OFFICE     121 Gilman Hall       
Arnold, John
Undergraduate Dean
530 Latimer Hall  643-5181 
Daly, Maura
Freshman Advisor
121 Gilman Hall  643-0550 
Bouvier Dang, Catherine
121 Gilman Hall  510-642-3451 
Chahal, Sanjeev
121 Gilman Hall  642-7919 
Pellum, Shamaya
121 Gilman Hall  643-1745 
DEPARTMENT OF CBE     201 Gilman Hall       
Reimer, Jeffrey A.
Department Chair
201 Gilman Hall  643-3951 
Balsara, Nitash P.
Vice Chair for Graduate Education
201C Gilman Hall  642-8973 
Eastman, Kim
Chief Administrative Officer
201A Gilman Hall  642-0979 
Acosta, Iris
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
402 Latimer Hall  642-1387 
Altamirano, Carlet
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
201G Gilman Hall  642-1533 
Eagan, Jamie
Academic Personnel Coordinator
201B Gilman Hall  642-9633 
Kelkile, Esayas
R & D Engineer
118 Gilman Hall  643-5478 
DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY     419 Latimer Hall       
Wemmer, David
Department Chair
419 Latimer Hall  643-9057 
Boering, Kristie
Vice Chair of Physical Grad Program
BG03 Giauque Hall  642-3472 
Chang, Christopher
Vice Chair of Biological Grad Program
532A Latimer Hall  642-4704 
Sarpong, Richmond
Vice Chair of Synthetic Grad Program
841A Latimer Hall  643-6312 
Williams, Evan
Vice Chair of Instruction
B42 Hildebrand  643-7161 
Silvers, Leslie
Management Services Officer
419B Latimer Hall  643-9058 
Baranger, Anne
Director of Undergraduate Chemistry
213 Lewis Hall  642-0336 
Adlen, Joel
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
419F Latimer Hall  510642-5884 
Keithlin, Lynn
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
419 Latimer Hall  643-0571 
Nakashima, Lauren
Academic Personnel Specialist
419G Latimer Hall  642-4032 
Gray, Deborah
Seminar Coordinator
419 Latimer Hall  643-0572 
Ricks, Sara
Administrative Assistant
221 Hildebrand  6433944 
De Mesa, Chona
419 Latimer Hall  643-0571 
Dinh, Annie
Human Resources Generalist

College Relations and Development    

de Janvry, Laurent
Asst Dean, College Relations and Development
430B Latimer Hall  NL 
Elliott, Karen
Director, Special Projects
443 Latimer Hall  643-8054 
d'Wylde, Marge
443 Latimer Hall  2-6867 
Cahill, Colleen
Director, Alumni & Parent Support
441 Latimer Hall  26867 
Lundquist, Christyn
430A Latimer Hall  6438065 
Olufson, Camille
Senior Director, International Relations & Venture Funds
420F Latimer Hall  643-7379 
Rex, Mindy
Senior Director, Capital Projects & Corporate Philanthropy
430B Latimer Hall  642-9506 
Welsh, Katherine
Donor Services
430A Latimer Hall  643-1497 

Business Administration & Financial Services    

Sutton, Suzanne
Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance
101 Lewis Hall  643-2887 
De La Rosa, Annabelle
College Budget Director
101 Lewis Hall  643-1543 
Lwai, Nisin
Financial Analyst
101 Lewis Hall  21325 
Moyer, Leigh
Web Manager
445 Latimer Hall  use email 
Nguyen, Brian
Administrative Assistant
101 Lewis Hall  6421126 
ORGANIC & PHYSICAL STOREROOM     791 Tan Hall       
Yarbrough, Sean
782 Tan Hall  642-5608 
Manuel, Brad
791 Tan Hall  642-0177 
Newman, Richard
791 Tan Hall  642-0177 
Lamey, Carl
SHIPPING/RECEIVING     B84A Hildebrand Hall       
Lamey, Carl
Store/Receiving Manager
B84A Hildebrand  642-5384 
Washington, Roy
B84A Hildebrand  643-1546 
WEB APPLICATIONS     440 Latimer Hall       
Huynh, Binhtri
101 Lewis Hall  643-1706 

College Engineering and Facilities    

Shtromberg, Alexander
Assistant Dean of Engineering and Facilities
444 Latimer Hall  642-2345 
BUILDING MANAGEMENT     119 Gilman Hall       
Massen, Inna
Building Operations Manager
119 Gilman Hall  643-4220 
Kligman, Igor
Facilities Management Specialist
119 Gilman Hall  642-5232 
Anderson, Alexei
119 Gilman Hall  642-5231 
Lita, Kinfe
119 Gilman Hall  NL 
Administrative Assistant
B04 Latimer Hall  22914 
GLASS SHOP            
Breen, James
B63 Hildebrand  642-3454 
Brainard, Joe
B18 Latimer Hall  643-2079   
Brateng, Michael
B18 Latimer Hall  643-2079 
Brenner, Jody
D18 Latimer Hall  643-2079   
Maunder, Michael
B18 Latimer Hall  301.6742   
Mercer, Mark
B18 Latimer Hall  643-2079   
Nichols, Bob
B18 Latimer Hall  643-2079   
Poole, Jihad
B18 Latimer Hall  643-2079   
Woloshyn, Ryan
B18 Latimer Hall  643-2079   
LIQUID AIR OPERATION     DG15 and BG9 Giauque Hall       
Williams, Steven
DG15 Giauque Hall  642-4165 
Lita, Kinfe
BG09 Giauque Hall  642-4165 
RSS- ELECTRICAL            
Druga, Emanuel
B17 Latimer Hall  642-4594 
Karst, David
B17 Latimer Hall  642-4594 
MACHINE SHOP            
Gomez, Salvador
B04 Latimer Hall  NL 
Granlund, Eric
B04 Latimer Hall  642-4486 
Jessel, Clint
B04 Latimer Hall  642-4486 
Kligman, Igor
B14 Latimer Hall  NL 
Owens, Samuel
B04 Latimer Hall  NL 
Reggio, Donald B.
B04 Latimer Hall  642 4486   
Scudder, Douglas
B04 Latimer Hall  642-4486 
Kumpf, Michael
317 Lewis Hall  643-0648 
Wilson, Emery
Reuse Fac & Chem Disp
780 Tan Hall  642-2630 
Powell, Demetria
317 Lewis Hall  643-0526 

Information Technology    

CAMPUS SHARED SERVICES IT     BG15 Giauque Hall    664-9000
IT Support & Procurement

Instructional Support Operations    

Beeler, Rose
Instructional Support Manager
211 Latimer Hall  664-7159 
Briggs, Lucia
Program Administrator
332 Latimer Hall  643-9939 
Chan, Karen
Pimentel Demo. Lab
B17 Pimentel  642-6687 
Cheung, Kong Wa
309 Latimer Hall  642-6599 
Creelman, Mark
Instruction, Lower Div. Labs
221 Latimer Hall  642-6981 
Jang, Hee-Jong
General Chemistry
221 Latimer Hall  643-7140 
Valdez, Jr., Dante
Supervisor, Phys Chem Lab
306 Latimer Hall  642-7469 
Zimmerman, Meggie
Administrative Assistant
213A Lewis Hall  6427443 
Briggs, Lucia
332 Latimer Hall  643-9939 
Lin, Jenny
Manguinao, Michael
Ong, Kevin
Zimmerman, Meggie
213A Lewis Hall  642-7443 

Special Services    

Kreimer, Elena
038 Lewis Hall  642-0701 
NMR FACILITY            
Celik, Hasan
D18 Latimer Hall  643-9829 
Jarenwattananon, Nanette
D32 Hildebrand  NL 
Settineri, Nicholas
BG05 Giauque Hall  642-8444 
Durkin, Kathleen
175 Tan Hall  642-6719 
McDonald, Kelley
173 Tan Hall  643-1032 
LIBRARY     100 Hildebrand Hall    642-3753