College Personnel

The phone area code is (510) unless otherwise indicated.

Academic Administration    

DEAN'S OFFICE     420 Latimer Hall       
Clark, Douglas S.
College Dean
420 Latimer Hall  642-5060 
Francis, Matthew
Executive Associate Dean
420 Latimer Hall  643-9915 
Unterberg, Geralyn
Dean's Analyst, Academic Personnel
420 Latimer Hall  643-0472 
Balolong, Christine
Executive Assistant to the Dean
420E Latimer Hall  664-4624 
Kaeo, Doris
Administrative Assistant
420 Latimer Hall  642-5060 
UNDERGRADUATE OFFICE     121 Gilman Hall       
Arnold, John
Undergraduate Dean
530 Latimer Hall  510-375-2011 
Daly, Maura
Freshman Advisor
121 Gilman Hall  643-0550 
Bouvier Dang, Catherine
121 Gilman Hall  510-642-3451 
Chahal, Sanjeev
121 Gilman Hall  642-7919 
Pellum, Shamaya
121 Gilman Hall  643-1745 
DEPARTMENT OF CBE     201 Gilman Hall       
Reimer, Jeffrey A.
Department Chair
201 Gilman Hall  643-3951 
Balsara, Nitash P.
Vice Chair for Graduate Education
201C Gilman Hall  642-8973 
Eastman, Kim
Chief Administrative Officer
201A Gilman Hall  642-0979 
Acosta, Iris
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
402 Latimer Hall  642-1387 
Altamirano, Carlet
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
201G Gilman Hall  642-1533 
Eagan, Jamie
Academic Personnel Coordinator
201B Gilman Hall  642-9633 
Kelkile, Esayas
R & D Engineer
118 Gilman Hall  643-5478 
DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY     419 Latimer Hall       
Wemmer, David
Department Chair
419 Latimer Hall  643-9057 
Boering, Kristie
Vice Chair of Physical Grad Program
BG03 Giauque Hall  642-3472 
Chang, Christopher
Vice Chair of Biological Grad Program
532A Latimer Hall  642-4704 
Sarpong, Richmond
Vice Chair of Synthetic Grad Program
841A Latimer Hall  643-6312 
Williams, Evan
Vice Chair of Instruction
B42 Hildebrand  643-7161 
Silvers, Leslie
Management Services Officer
419B Latimer Hall  643-9058 
Baranger, Anne
Director of Undergraduate Chemistry
213 Lewis Hall  642-0336 
Adlen, Joel
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
419F Latimer Hall  510642-5884 
Keithlin, Lynn
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
419 Latimer Hall  643-0571 
Nakashima, Lauren
Academic Personnel Specialist
419G Latimer Hall  642-4032 
Gray, Deborah
Seminar Coordinator
419 Latimer Hall  643-0572 
Ricks, Sara
Administrative Assistant
221 Hildebrand  6433944 
De Mesa, Chona
419 Latimer Hall  643-0571 
Denis, Maxinne
525 Latimer Hall  3-9906 
Dinh, Annie
Human Resources Generalist

College Relations and Development    

de Janvry, Laurent
Asst Dean, College Relations and Development
430B Latimer Hall  643-9351 
Cahill, Colleen
Senior Development Officer
441 Latimer Hall  643-5720 
Lundquist, Christyn
Event and Campaign Specialist
430A Latimer Hall  643-8065 
Olufson, Camille
Senior Director, Strategic and Philanthropic Partnerships
420F Latimer Hall  643-7379 
Rex, Mindy
Senior Director, Development
430B Latimer Hall  642-9506 
Welsh, Katherine
Development Services Coordinator
430A Latimer Hall  643-1497 
d'Wylde, Marge
Director of Marketing and Communications
443 Latimer Hall  642-6867 

Business Administration & Financial Services    

Sutton, Suzanne
Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance
101 Lewis Hall  643-2887 
De La Rosa, Annabelle
College Budget Director
101 Lewis Hall  643-1543 
Lwai, Nisin
Financial Analyst
101 Lewis Hall  21325 
Moyer, Leigh
Web Manager
445 Latimer Hall  use email 
ORGANIC & PHYSICAL STOREROOM     791 Tan Hall       
Newman, Richard
791 Tan Hall  642-0177 
Yarbrough, Sean
782 Tan Hall  642-5608 
Lamey, Carl
SHIPPING/RECEIVING     B84A Hildebrand Hall       
Lamey, Carl
Store/Receiving Manager
B84A Hildebrand  642-5384 
Washington, Roy
B84A Hildebrand  643-1546 
WEB APPLICATIONS     440 Latimer Hall       
Huynh, Binhtri
101 Lewis Hall  643-1706 

College Engineering and Facilities    

Shtromberg, Alexander
Assistant Dean of Engineering and Facilities
444 Latimer Hall  642-2345 
BUILDING MANAGEMENT     119 Gilman Hall       
Massen, Inna
Building Operations Manager
119 Gilman Hall  643-4220 
Kligman, Igor
Facilities Management Specialist
119 Gilman Hall  642-5232 
Anderson, Alexei
119 Gilman Hall  642-5231 
Lita, Kinfe
119 Gilman Hall  NL 
Administrative Assistant
B04 Latimer Hall  22914 
GLASS SHOP            
Breen, James
B63 Hildebrand  642-3454 
Brainard, Joe
B18 Latimer Hall  643-2079   
Brateng, Michael
B18 Latimer Hall  643-2079 
Brenner, Jody
D18 Latimer Hall  643-2079   
Maunder, Michael
B18 Latimer Hall  301.6742   
Mercer, Mark
B18 Latimer Hall  643-2079   
Nichols, Bob
B18 Latimer Hall  643-2079   
Poole, Jihad
B18 Latimer Hall  643-2079   
Woloshyn, Ryan
B18 Latimer Hall  643-2079   
LIQUID AIR OPERATION     DG15 and BG9 Giauque Hall       
Williams, Steven
DG15 Giauque Hall  642-4165 
Lita, Kinfe
BG09 Giauque Hall  642-4165 
RSS- ELECTRICAL            
Druga, Emanuel
B17 Latimer Hall  642-4594 
Karst, David
B17 Latimer Hall  642-4594 
MACHINE SHOP            
Gomez, Salvador
B04 Latimer Hall  NL 
Granlund, Eric
B04 Latimer Hall  642-4486 
Jessel, Clint
B04 Latimer Hall  642-4486 
Kligman, Igor
B14 Latimer Hall  NL 
Owens, Samuel
B04 Latimer Hall  NL 
Reggio, Donald B.
B04 Latimer Hall  642 4486   
Scudder, Douglas
B04 Latimer Hall  642-4486 
Kumpf, Michael
317 Lewis Hall  643-0648 
Wilson, Emery
Reuse Fac & Chem Disp
780 Tan Hall  642-2630 
Powell, Demetria
317 Lewis Hall  643-0526 

Information Technology    

CAMPUS SHARED SERVICES IT     BG15 Giauque Hall    664-9000
IT Support & Procurement

Instructional Support Operations    

Beeler, Rose
Instructional Support Manager
211 Latimer Hall  664-7159 
Briggs, Lucia
Program Administrator
332 Latimer Hall  643-9939 
Chan, Karen
Pimentel Demo. Lab
B17 Pimentel  642-6687 
Cheung, Kong Wa
309 Latimer Hall  642-6599 
Creelman, Mark
Instruction, Lower Div. Labs
221 Latimer Hall  642-6981 
Jang, Hee-Jong
General Chemistry
221 Latimer Hall  643-7140 
Valdez, Jr., Dante
Supervisor, Phys Chem Lab
306 Latimer Hall  642-7469 
Zimmerman, Meggie
Administrative Assistant
213A Lewis Hall  6427443 
Briggs, Lucia
332 Latimer Hall  643-9939 
Lin, Jenny
Manguinao, Michael
Ong, Kevin
Zimmerman, Meggie
213A Lewis Hall  642-7443 

Special Services    

Kreimer, Elena
038 Lewis Hall  642-0701 
NMR FACILITY            
Celik, Hasan
D18 Latimer Hall  643-9829 
Jarenwattananon, Nanette
D32 Hildebrand  NL 
Settineri, Nicholas
BG05 Giauque Hall  642-8444 
Durkin, Kathleen
175 Tan Hall  642-6719 
McDonald, Kelley
173 Tan Hall  643-1032 
LIBRARY     100 Hildebrand Hall    642-3753